Upskill Yourself Do A Short Course In 2018

We offer Architecture, Beauty Technology & Business Management short courses, courses are very affordable and range from 2 weeks to 4 weeks depending on the course content. You can never go wrong with short courses the more you learn the better it is for your professional & personal growth. Click the link below for dates, time & fees.

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Full Time Programme Applications for 2019, Opens on the 1st June 2018

Would you like a career move in a direction towards Architectural Draughting, Architectural Technology, Beauty & Nail Technology or Business Management? Would you like to study an accredited full time course or would you like to do an introductory course first to see what the career is about before you choose it? Would you like to strengthen your portfolio for next years university application? or would you just like to up skill yourself for your career by doing short courses? then The Box Learning Studio is for you. With our flexible learning solutions and options, you could increase your skill level or even kick start a new career! Training is provided by highly skilled, highly qualified Lecturers with years of industry experience in Architecture, Beauty, Business, Entrepreneurship & Education!

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National Certificate: Architectural Technology (Full Time / Day Classes / 2 Years) IMG_20170620_202940_407.jpgMore Information 

Bridging Programme: Architectural Technology (Full Time / Day Classes / 1 Year) img_20170705_205510_189.jpgInformation will Be available soon

FET Certificate: Beauty & Nail Technology (Full Time / Day Classes/ 2 Years)   More Information 

Adv. National Diploma: Business Management (Full Time / Day Classes / 3 Years ) Collegestudents.jpgInformation will Be available soon

Flexible Learning Solutions

werCREATE YOUR OWN COURSE:The box gives you, the individual total control over your learning experience. Unlike any other institution the box allows you the flexibility to mix and match short courses from any field and create your own custom learning programme. It is like taking different products off the shelf at a store placing them into your ‘box’ and proceeding to checkout.

weBLENDED LEARNING: The Box uses blended learning as a preferred teaching method. Blended learning allows learners to pick and choose how they want to learn and affords them greater flexibility and convenience about when they want to learn and how they learn it. By developing learning strategies that incorporate a wide variety of learning activities, we can more efficiently utilize learning resources and increase learning.

wSHORT COURSES: Employers and companies require skills and experience often more than qualifications, and this is where we come in, we bridge the gap between industry and education by providing the skills and workplace experience you need. Short courses add to your expertise and increases your CV and capabilities, also it adds to your skill level which can have a positive effect on your job or college/ university application.

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