Bridging Programme: Business Management


The business management bridging programme is a one year programme designed to give a chance to learners who may have not obtained all the qualification requirements for a national certificate. It is a perfect way to attain the much needed skill set to be able to enroll for a national diploma qualification.

The programme is arranged to suit someone who prefers a part time programme or someone who is planning to take a gap year but would like to learn a skill. It is flexible, less demanding and suitable for anyone who has already matriculated.

Come join us as we explore an amazing journey of finding your place in the dynamic business world. You will lay a solid foundation so that when you have completed the programme, you will have a comprehensive view of the total environment in which businesses operate and can make an informed decision on what to study further. Qualified facilitators, with many years of industry experience are waiting to set you on a path to career success!

Entrance Requirements 

1. Matriculated Grade 12
2. Grade 12 [English Passed]


Part time / 1 Year / Day Classes [Mondays Only]

Equipment Needed: 

Books are supplied in classroom.

Regular stationary requirements, stationary list provided at commencement of studies.

Learning Units Contained in this Programme

– Economics
– Business Law
– Management Practice
– Entrepreneurship


On successful completion of the learning Programme you will receive a certificate of competency from The Box Learning Studio.

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